Popular Procedures to Consider When You Choose a Smile Makeover

Your smile is your confidence! It’s your calling card to the world, and you want it looking its best. Well, we have good news. With a smile makeover that’s entirely possible. 

Dr. Valerie M. Preston and our team at VP Dental are dedicated to helping you achieve the best oral health. And that includes giving you the perfect smile. 

You might be wondering what exactly a smile makeover entails. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful guide to everything you need to know about designing your smile makeover plan.

A gallery of options

Smile makeover” is an umbrella term for a group of cosmetic procedures that fix every aspect of your teeth’s appearance to create the perfect smile. Your specific procedure will depend on what exactly you want to fix about your smile.

Here are the procedures you’ll have to choose from:


Do you have chipped, worn, cracked, or discolored teeth? Veneers can help you address these concerns. Dental veneers are fine porcelain shells that are custom-molded to fit precisely over the front side of each of your teeth. They help to brighten your teeth and restore their structure all with one quick fix. 


Bonding achieves a similar effect to veneers, but bonding is much more affordable and can be completed in one office visit. With bonding, we use a white resin to close gaps, repair chips, and cover up any imperfections. We can also use bonding to strengthen your teeth, by covering up lost or worn enamel.  

Teeth whitening

At our office, we provide two options for whitening. They include an in-office treatment, which can get your teeth seven shades whiter in only an hour. This is a great option if you're pressed for time and want a treatment that’s quick, convenient, and provides results. You may also opt for an at-home treatment kit. That said, it takes longer and doesn't usually deliver the same results.


Implants are a great option for teeth that are completely missing. They’re composed of porcelain or ceramic and made to mimic the shape and color of your natural teeth.


If your teeth are crooked, badly aligned, or unevenly spaced, Invisalign is a great modern alternative to braces. Invisalign uses two sets of clear aligners for each row of your teeth. People won’t even notice you’re wearing them and you can take them out when eating or sleeping, unlike traditional braces. 

To learn more about achieving your best smile and to schedule an appointment, visit our website today. 

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