The Dental Savings Plan with VP Dental is designed to provide affordability and greater access to quality dental care.

With your Dental Savings Plan there are:

 No yearly maximums 

 No deductibles

 No claim forms

 No pre-authorization requirements

 No pre-existing condition limitations

 Immediate eligibility (no waiting period)

 Free consultation

-Benefit Premiums-

 Single  $550
Dual   $1050
 Family (Dual +1)  $1300
 Family (dual +2) $1525 
 Each Additional Member  $250

The Dual Plan is for the Parent/Child or Husband/Wife/Partner.

The Family Plan includes 2 adult family members and 1-2 children who are enrolled full time in college until the age of 23, or the children who are not enrolled full-time in college until the age of 18.

AUTO-RENEWAL POLICY – 5% DISCOUNT Sign up for an auto-renewal of your Dental Assistance Savings Plan and receive 5% off next year’s premium. Ask a member of our staff how to sign up for this offer. (Use of care credit will not receive the 5% discount)

You will receive 100 % COVERAGE on


 Child or Adult Prophylaxis (cleaning) 2 per year

 Periodic Exam (2 per year)

 Limited Oral Exam (1 per year)

 Full set of x-rays or Panorex (1 every 3-5 years

 Bitewings (one set per year)

 Fluoride Or Oral Cancer Screening (1 per year)

 All other services are given a 10% Discount

 (5% discount applies when using Care Credit)

Programs Guidelines and Limitations

The program is a savings plan, not a dental insurance plan, and is separate and secondary to any other dental plan. It cannot be used:

  • In conjunction with another dental plan or cash discounts
  • For services for injuries covered under workman’s compensation
  • For treatment, which, in sole opinion of the treating dentist lies outside the realm of her capability
  • For referrals to specialists
  • No refunds or exchanges, it is up to the individual patient to make and keep regularly scheduled appointments

**This plan is only honored at VP Dental *This Dental Savings Plan is NOT an insurance plan that can be used with any other dental office