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Achieving flawless skin is one of the things most men and women desire to make them look and feel more physically attractive. Aside from taking care of your teeth, you can also find a quality skin care consultant right at VPreston Dental spa services in Raleigh, NC.

Debby Runner, an NC Licensed Esthetician, brings a wealth of technical experience and practical application to our skin care clientele. From Anti-Aging Treatments to repairing of sun-damaged skin, Debby provides answers to all your skin care challenges.

What do we bring?

Not every spa in Raleigh, NC specialize in skincare Science. What we have is an array of skin care treatment and maintenance services for all skin types.


HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation technique that improves the skin’s appearance by minimizing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone. It replenishes vital nutrients that were lost from your skin because of stress, aging, and the environment.


This advanced facial cleansing technique is also called as an “instant facelift.” It uses rough grains to get rid of impurities from the skin that a regular soap or facial wash fail to remove. It concentrates on cleaning the stratum corneum, an area of the epidermis most exposed to dirt.

Skin Specific Chemical Peel

We call it “skin specific” because not all peeling methods are suitable for all skin types. Ms. Runner will assess your skin and determine if it is safe for you to undergo the chemical peeling technique or if there is a need for you to have it at all. By having a skin specific chemical peel you can have a smoother, tighter skin after it peels off from a chemical treatment.

Aside from the services mentioned, Debbie Runner is also a true dermatological specialist and a True Mineral Make-up consultant. She also has a great deal of experience in using products from Eminence and Cosmedix, an elite line of skin care treatments.

VPreston Dental could also be your premiere spa in Raleigh, NC. Having two types of services in one stop brings you closer to a healthier and more confident self.

Schedule your consultation today by calling Debby at 910-624-6762.

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