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No one wants to experience terrible pain because of some dental infection, but once you have it, never rely on Ibuprofen. Yes, it might make the pain go away but sorry to tell you that it will come back, and in many cases it will not take away the pain. How about having a more permanent solution to this problem? Dental treatments like a root canal in Raleigh are accessible and offers a great solution to your seemingly unending problem.

We know there’s tooth decay, but many people won’t get a treatment for it unless it they experience unmanageable pain and eventually suffer an infection. If the problem is too advanced for a tooth filling, a root canal is the right solution for a severely damaged tooth.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal refers to the natural cavity and nerve endings of the tooth that is found at its soft center called the “pulp chamber”. With deep tooth decay, the fillings of the tooth also break down around the margins of the tooth. Since most of the tooth’s nerve endings are found in this part, an acute, painful sensation is felt. The intensity and occurrence of pain may vary depending on how severe the infection is.

If left untreated, all the nerve endings of the tooth will eventually die. The pain may stop but the bacteria that caused the infection continues to multiply, making the rest of the healthy teeth in danger of infection.

As a procedure, the root canal is the process wherein the infected tooth pulp is removed. This procedure offers a permanent relief of pain while saving the rest of the teeth from acquiring infection.

How is a Root Canal done?

First, your dentist will make sure there’s really a need for you to have the procedure. They will assess the infected area of your teeth using an X-Ray to see how deep the infection is and if any parts of your bone are affected.

We want to make a painless root canal in Raleigh, so a proper dose of local anesthesia is injected to the area where the procedure takes place. This way, you’ll be more relaxed and at ease while your dentist will be precautious in every step she does.

The dentist will now drill a tiny incision in the infected tooth to scrape away all the debris of decay in the canal of the tooth. The measurement of the drill they use depends on the size of your tooth and how deep they must go. After the canals are completely cleaned and no longer have any bacteria, a sealant is put in place allowing the tooth to heal.

What are the signs that I need a root canal?

On rare occasions, people needing a root canal may not be able to feel anything, but most of the time there is some level of pain or symptoms leading up to a root canal treatment. You may need a root canal if:

  • You feel an acute pain in the area of an infected tooth.
  • You feel prolonged sensitivity especially in the area where the damaged tooth is found.
  • Your once white teeth becomes discolored.
  • You’re experience gum swelling.
  • You have noticed a pimple-like bump on your gums.

There are choices to make your life easier, so don’t go for a dental solution that will fade away. Because we want to make each patient feel relaxed and comfortable, we strive to be updated with the latest technology to perform the best root canal in Raleigh. Dr. Preston pays special attention to your comfort during and after the procedure and uses the latest technology which can give you the best experience possible during your root canal appointment. In some cases, Dr. Preston may recommend a crown to provide additional protection and reinforcement for your root canal tooth.

VPreston Dental lets you release the anxiety of undergoing the root canal process. Contact us and let us know how can improve your dental health.

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