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calendarInvisalign is a dental device created and manufactured by Align Technology in California. It’s a clear alternative to braces that serves as an invisible realignment tool for your teeth.

VPreston Dental is proud to offer invisalign in Raleigh, NC at a very reasonable price. Often times, teens and young adults become conscious and wonder if wearing braces is worth all the social stigma. With our Invisalign product, they will have the same results without worrying too much about how they will look.


Why Invisalign?

Traditional braces and Invisalign were created to perform a single task, and that is to realign crooked, misaligned teeth. But why has Invisalign gained a rising popularity in modern dentistry?

Many traditional braces users can prove its effectiveness, but it always comes with a complaint. Some have experienced headaches during the first few weeks of wearing them, others were not allowed to eat hard to chew food, and most of them experienced discomfort in varying degrees. With Invisalign, none of these are expected to happen.

Invisalign is designed to meet the needs of the growing population of working individuals. They want a dental device that can actually provide the best results without hampering their productivity at work and regular dental habits, and this is exactly how the Invisalign was engineered.

Certified Invisalign Dentist

Not all dentists are capable to provide the Invisalign service to their patients. It takes proper training and experience for a dentist to perfect this procedure. VPreston Dental’s Dr. Valerie M. Preston is capable of providing you Invisalign in Raleigh that fits perfectly for your teeth.

With the help of digital technology, she takes the impression of your teeth and maps out all the contours to make sure you’ll feel comfortable wearing them. After having an accurate check, we will create multiple clear braces which are worn gradually in the process. These aligners are customized so that it will fit the changes and movement of the teeth brought by the previous set of clear aligners.

Clear Benefits

Imagine wearing aligners and still being able to enjoy your favorite food, brush and floss normally, and remove them whenever you like. With Invisalign, all these are possible. It lets you straighten your teeth without adjusting your daily routines. You won’t even have to worry about irritation since it is made of smooth plastic that is even comfortable with those who have sensitive cheeks and gums. VPreston Dental finally brings Invisalign in Raleigh.

Smile without the wires! Contact us for more information about Invisalign!

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