Partial & Full Dentures Raleigh NC

Just when you thought you wouldn’t be needing dentures any time soon, tooth loss gets in your way. While tooth loss is preventable, a large portion of the population experiences this issue.  VPreston Dental is here to give premier dentures in Raleigh.

VPreston Dental offers acrylic resin dentures to replace missing sections of teeth. They are a set of removable false teeth that fits snuggly in the contours of your mouth.

Are dentures for me?

You can never answer this question alone unless you are a dental professional yourself. Visiting your dentist and inquiring if you need dentures is the first step you should make. The staff of VPreston Dental will provide credible consultation when it comes to the replacing missing teeth, having over 20 years of experience, so you can trust their recommendations.

You may be recommended dentures if you have the following:

  • You have some missing teeth
  • Your gums are tender, swollen, or bleeding due to gum disease
  • You’ve said goodbye to hard to chew foods because you find it difficult to munch on them
  • You smile less often because of your missing teeth

We know how unfortunate it is to experience tooth loss especially in adulthood, because it means your teeth are never coming back naturally, and that’s why dentures are here.

Types of Dentures

VPreston specializes in both types of dentures: partial and full dentures. Partial dentures covers only a few missing teeth while full dentures gives you a full set of synthetic teeth and gums.

In some instances, all other existing teeth are removed especially if you suffer from a tooth or gum disease, and are left to heal for a number of weeks. During the healing period, you are given temporary dentures until your permanent dentures are made available. Your dentist may or may not have re-adjustments, but that depends on how your gums have changed after the healing process. It is important to visit your dentist to make sure she’ll be able to perform the necessary polishing and adjustments to make your dentures comfortable to wear.

Wearing dentures has a lot of perks. You will be able to chew your food better, it will improve speech, and let you regain that beautiful smile you you lost because of teeth loss. Dentures are indeed a breakthrough in the dental practice and have helped a lot of people. Keeping your dentures clean is as necessary as keeping your mouth clean. You can also remove them at night before you go to sleep just to relax your gums. Don’t forget to keep them in a wet or moist and clean place.

Having perfect dentures that feel just like your natural teeth are always available.

If you’re seeking dentures in Raleigh, contact VPreston Dental for an appointment with Valerie M. Preston, D.D.S.

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