Dental Bridges Raleigh NC

We know how embarrassing it is to have missing teeth, as you can recall in your younger years when your milk teeth began to wear out. This is only a minor part of the problem with missing teeth. It can also cause your teeth to shift affecting your bite and causing other difficult to solve dental issues. Fixed Dental Prosthesis or commonly known as tooth bridges is a dental procedure that replaces one or more missing teeth. If you’re seeking a service that can provide dental bridges in Raleigh, VPreston dental gives you exactly what you need.

A dental bridge is proved to be a safe, effective, and long lasting solution for missing teeth. It is called a dental “bridge” because it literally bridges the gap in one’s teeth caused by a missing tooth. If you’re worried that it might fall out, don’t fret because it is known to be a stable and strong dental restoration technique because it follows the missing tooth’s structure.Dental Bridges Raleigh NC

What is a Dental Bridge made of?

A dental bridge is composed of two crowns anchored to each other and a false tooth made up of materials such as alloy, gold, composite resin, porcelain or a combination of them. While all of these are reliable materials for bridging, porcelain is a more popular choice because of aesthetic considerations.

How do I know if a dental bridges are for me? 

If you are an adult and have missing teeth, then dental bridges are something you should consider. It’s one of three ways to treat missing teeth. The others being dental implants and dentures. Dental bridges are more permanent than dentures, but less permanent than a dental implant. On the other hand, the dental bridge procedure takes considerably less time to implement than a dental implant. To know whether or not dental bridges are the best for your situation, be sure to consult with your dentist to know what is the appropriate option.

How long does it take for dental bridges? 

Just like dentures, precise impressions and polishing are necessary to achieve the best comfort while wearing a dental bridge. Be patient as you will have multiple visits to your dentist since she will need to make sure that the tooth bridge fits perfectly to your teeth. This is done because the bridge will be cemented onto your existing teeth. Since this is a fairly permanent procedure, you don’t want the fitting process to be rushed.

Before deciding what type of dental bridge to use, it is always best to seek the recommendations of an experienced dentist in your area. VPreston Dental provides you with dental bridges in Raleigh using the best technology there is and will be performed by an experienced dentist.

If you want to know more about bridges, just contact VPreston Dental and we will make an appointment for you!

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