Cosmetic Dentistry Raleigh NC

Greeting someone in public, applying for a job, or having a fun photoshoot all require a radiant, friendly smile. Of course you’ll think twice about it if you have stained, chipped, or missing teeth. VPreston Dental is all about giving you the comfort of having a great smile you can be proud of! As a specialist in cosmetic dentistry, looking good with your teeth is our main priority. 

For tips on keeping your pearly white teeth illuminated, use our white smile checklist.

Cosmetic dentistry is geared towards providing the best and most realistic synthetic teeth for people who experience the inconvenience of having cosmetic dental imperfections. Sometimes, brushing your teeth and keeping it healthy isn’t enough to boost your self-esteem. Re-alignment, whitening, or contouring from a certified dental professional might be needed.

VPreston Dental wants you to know how it feels to smile without worries! Our cosmetic dental procedures include:

These processes and devices do not involve surgical procedures and are mainly concerned about how the teeth look, but may have some restorative attributes.

Which procedure is right for me?

Valerie M. Preston of VPreston Dental can give you comprehensive recommendations after a thorough dental assessment. She will study your dental condition and decide what type of procedure will suit you best. If you think you need a treatment, you can ask these questions to your dentist as a guide:

  • Are any of my teeth discolored?
  • Do I have any chipped teeth?
  • Are there any gaps in my teeth that need to be filled?
  • Are my teeth a bit crooked or not perfectly aligned?

These questions should guide yourself as well as your dentist to help you decide what type of Cosmetic care is right for you. For example, if you have discolored teeth, then teeth whitening may be the right option for you. But be careful to avoid dangerous DIY teeth whitening practices.

VPreston Dental has the latest technology that will not only help you decide what is best, but also help Dr. Preston do the best job a dentist can do on your teeth. We strive to keep our technology updated to give our clients the best service they could ask for from a dental office. We believe in giving our patients the comfort they deserve, so they can feel at home as much as possible.

Cosmetic dentistry has never been this convenient. Contact us at VPreston Dental and let us know how we can improve your smile!

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