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As the foremost Pediatric dentistry in Raleigh, we are an advocate of children’s oral health. We, at VPreston Dental, believe that if we start taking care of our young ones’ teeth and gums, we will have a generation of adults with genuine concern about the importance of dental health.

Who should you trust?

You need someone who knows the nature of children’s teeth in relation to their growth and development. At the same time, you need to find a dentist whose staff is child-friendly and accommodating enough to make them feel relaxed.

What separates us from other pediatrics dentistry in Raleigh, NC is that our dentist, Valerie M. Preston, and all of her staff, have credible experience in handling children as patients in their dental office. They are experts not only in performing the procedures but also in making children feel that everything will turn out fine.

Choosing the right dentist is an important step towards your child’s overall oral health. They can be restless, uncooperative, and doubtful during the procedure but a committed dentist will let the child go through it with less hassle.

What are the services for children?

VPreston Dental focuses on the preventive measures of your child’s oral health. This includes:

  • Oral health exams and risk assessment
  • Regular cleaning
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Early assessment for straightening teeth

If your child has already acquired dental problems, these are the services available for them.

  • Repair of cavities
  • Removal for decayed tooth
  • Management of oral injuries such as knocked-out or chipped teeth
  • Treatment of gum diseases

VPreston Dental is an institution when it comes to Raleigh pediatric dentistry. Our team is dedicated to educating parents and young children about the importance of maintaining positive oral health. As parents, introducing good oral health habits at a young age is necessary knowing that it will prevent severe dental problems in the future.

Don’t miss the chance of providing your children with the best dental care. Contact us and make an appointment right away! 

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