Tips in Selecting the Right Dentist

In maintaining overall health, dental care is a necessity. Unable to remedy simple oral issues can progress to several dental diseases and can be costly in the long run. Most dental concerns can be prevented by visiting the dentist twice a year. With proper dental health education, oral examinations, and following disease preventive measures, the patient’s dental problems can be addressed. 

When searching for a dentist, settle for someone that you really can depend on. Take time to know more about the dentist’s background and his expertise whether these fit your needs.

Below are basic considerations when finding the right dentist. 

Feel at ease with the dentist

One essential factor is feeling comfortable and expressing one’s thought about your condition to that person. As a patient, you should not be hesitant to tell your dentist about the symptoms and oral issues that you have. You should be able to freely ask questions. Your dentist should understand and be able to provide all possible solutions to your dental concerns. He can prescribe pain medicines, help you overcome your anxiety or fear, and explain in detail if you need a major oral procedure. 

Identify your oral health plan coverage

When claiming the benefits of your dental health plan, this involves whether your chosen dentist is affiliated with your healthcare coverage. Only the members of particular HMOs can be part of your selection when seeking dental services. Simple procedures like tooth extraction or teeth whitening are usually free of charge while in other dental procedures you have to pay an additional fee. Identify in advance which procedures are free or need to be cashed out. Be aware of the dentist’s schedule for his regular cleaning or check-up hours.       

Seek your friends’ or relatives’ referrals

A good referral means value for money. Ask around for the best dentist in the community. Your family, friends, and neighbors may share a good experience with their own family dentist or have a list of dentists with reputable backgrounds or members of professional groups within your locality.    

Consider the dental clinic’s accessibility

The dentist’s location can be a crucial factor when choosing where to get the dental services. You can choose to have a dentist near your home or workplace. Identify the flexibility of making appointments and the time required to reach the dental clinic. Is the dentist free during holidays, emergencies, or weekends? Is there a friendly dental staff that is willing to respond to the patient’s queries?      

Know your dentist professional background

If you initially have a list of dentists in your community, you can either visit or call the clinic’s staff before setting an appointment. Ask whether the dentist is affiliated with the American Dental Association or the Academy of General Dentistry. You may also verify the dentist’s details from a local dental directory or your insurance company. Most specialty dentist groups have listed members with their qualifications. You may also ask the staff about the dentist’s professional training.    

Rate the dentist’s services after the visit

Check if the dental office is clean, orderly, and neat. Evaluate if the staff are polite. Are the patient’s records handled with privacy and care? Is the dental facility patient-friendly? Has the dentist provided you the best service that you needed? Is the dentist’s fee reasonable? Live in the Raleigh, NC area and looking for a dentist? Check out Dr. Valerie Preston at VPreston Dental. You can visit our website at or give us a call at 919-518-0540.

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