Tips for Taking Care of Your Invisalign Trays

One of the great advantages of Invisalign® — in addition to straightening your teeth and creating a radiant smile — is that the trays are made of clear, comfortable plastic. What’s better than getting the smile you always wanted without the glint of metal braces?

Having clear aligners also means that the trays and your teeth are on full display. They require diligent care to stay clean, prevent tooth decay, and avoid tray discoloration. VP Dental put together these simple tips for keeping your Invisalign trays in top condition.

Brush your Invisalign trays twice daily

The same dental hygiene that keeps your teeth healthy should also be applied to your Invisalign trays. When you take your trays off to brush and floss your teeth, do the same for the trays. 

Use a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive or non-whitening toothpaste to clean the inner and outer surfaces of your trays. It’s important to choose a gentle toothpaste, because abrasives can scratch the tray, giving it a dull appearance. If you’re not sure your toothpaste is safe, call us and ask.

You may want to get a small toothbrush, such as a child’s soft toothbrush, so it’s easier to clean inside the trays. When you brush the trays, move the brush in a circular motion, so the bristles reach all the crevices.

One final tip for cleaning your trays: Don’t use mouthwash. Your mouthwash may contain a dye that can discolor the trays, and common ingredients such as alcohol can damage the plastic. 

Rinse Invisalign trays after every meal

It’s great if you can brush your teeth and trays after every meal, but if you’re at work or away from home and don’t have a brush, at least rinse your mouth and trays before putting them back in your mouth after you eat. This ensures you won’t trap food residue under the trays, which promotes decay.

Soak your Invisalign trays every day

Even if you’re careful about rinsing and brushing, the same plaque that builds up on your teeth can develop inside your trays. Soaking them every day for 15 minutes gives a deep cleaning that keeps the trays free from plaque and odor.

The time of day you soak your trays doesn’t matter, as long as you get in the habit of doing it every day. Since they only need to stay in the solution for 15 minutes, you can easily take care of it while you eat a meal or before going to sleep for the night.

Invisalign has a deep cleaning product for your trays, but there are other options. Talk with us about the safest products for soaking your trays.

Limit your beverages when Invisalign trays are in place

If you need to take a drink while your trays are in your mouth, stick with cold or warm water. Steer clear of hot beverages except when your trays are removed. You also need to avoid coffee, tea, and juices that can discolor the trays.

Don’t struggle with removing and inserting trays

It’s essential to wear your trays 20-22 hours every day, but being able to snap them in and out of your mouth while you eat and brush your teeth is one of their great benefits. Your trays should fit snugly and securely, yet be easy to remove and insert. If you have any trouble, talk with us so we can make sure the trays fit properly and give you some tips. 

It doesn’t take much time to clean your Invisalign trays and it protects your dental health, along with the appearance of your aligners. If you have any questions about the best way to care for you trays, call VP Dental or book a checkup online. 

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