Dental Tips to Survive the Holidays

There is no place like home as you celebrate the holiday season with your family. It is the time when people are busy attending parties and reunions, preparing festive meals, go shopping and gift-giving, and spending quality time with friends and loved-ones.

When it comes to oral health, dental hygiene should not be compromised during the festivities. Late-night shopping and all-day round gatherings should not hinder you from taking care of your teeth. Getting an emergency is definitely not a good idea, especially looking for a dentist to fix your broken jacket or get your tooth extracted after being damaged.

Below are some tips to avoid meeting an accident and visiting your dentist during the holidays. Avoid challenging your teeth. Nuts are rich in protein that helps build strong bones and muscles. Your teeth are not designed to shell the nuts. A wrong bite to the hard covering of the nutshells can cause serious damage to your tooth or gums. In worst cases, it can cause a crack to your teeth. Before eating nuts, shell them with your hands or use a nutcracker tool.

Reduce drinking red wine.

Red wine drinking has health benefits. Too much of wine intake can stain your teeth. To maintain your white smile, you can choose white wine. If you prefer a red wine, you can minimize the stain effect by drinking it with food. You also have to brush well at home to remove the potential stain.

Do not crush ice cubes or hard candies with your teeth.

Indulging in ice or hard candy crunching can cause chipped or cracked teeth. Fixing the damage can be expensive and painful. To prevent it, dissolve the sweet candy or ice in your mouth naturally. If you can avoid these, do not take them. If you have sensitive teeth, crunching an ice can give you discomfort. Too much eating of hard candies contributes to tooth decay.

Minimize soda intake.

Many drinks are mixed with sodas during parties. Sodas, in general, are acidic with sugary content. Limit your soda drinking to avoid oral problems. Use a straw when sipping to prevent acid damage to your teeth. If you want to drink something bubbly, take sparkling water instead of soda.

Refrain from using your teeth as cutting tools.

When opening a package, a bottle, a wrapper or your favorite chips or a gift, use your hands and not your teeth. If it is completely sealed, look for a pair of scissors or a sharp cutter. Using your teeth in opening packages can chip, crack or break them. Your teeth are not suitable for this task. A damaged tooth may require a root canal procedure when severely broken or a crown for repair.

Promote healthy living and optimal oral care.

Preparing a turkey is good for the holidays. It is beneficial to your teeth. It is rich in protein and phosphorus, which help the body combat tooth decay and make the teeth strong and healthy. Aside from overloading the Christmas stockings with sugary treats which can cause the kids’ teeth to get cavities, consider putting a colorful toothbrush as part of their loot bag so they are reminded to always brush their teeth after eating. Snacking with cheese while drinking alcoholic beverage can neutralize the drink’s acidity. The cheese has a calcium content that is needed by the teeth. In a food selection, don’t skip the veggies, particularly the broccolis and the carrots. They contain Vitamin A that is responsible for the stability of the tooth enamel. Always brush your teeth after each meal, including your tongue. Flossing may follow to ensure that you have a healthy mouth.

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