8 Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

Since cosmetic dentistry isn’t actually recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) as a specialty, any dentist can claim to be a cosmetic dentist. This makes it more difficult to find a dentist who has the credentials and skills to deal with cosmetic cases. If you’re searching for a dentist practicing cosmetic dentistry in Raleigh, NC here are some helpful tips to keep in mind to ensure you make a wise decision.

The Difference Between Cosmetic Dentistry and General Dentistry

Before you begin searching for a Raleigh dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry, it’s important to know the difference between cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. The difference comes down to training and the work that they perform. On top of the education and training needed to become a general dentist, cosmetic dentists undergo extra education and training so they can hone in on the cosmetic area of dentistry.

A general dentist usually focuses on fixing dental problems that cause discomfort or pain and good oral hygiene. They focus on pulling teeth, filling cavities, routine dental checkups, root canals, and other types of dental repairs. Although a general dentist may offer limited cosmetic procedures, cosmetic dentists provide many different cosmetic procedures, such as design smiles, cosmetic porcelain veneers, color matching, and dental veneers designed to match surrounding teeth. Quality cosmetic dentists will look at the relationship of every tooth to your lip line and your smile, ensuring your smile looks great. A cosmetic dentist stays informed on the latest trends, technology, and products available to offer patients a healthy, visually pleasing smile.

Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

As you begin your search for a cosmetic dentist in Raleigh, NC, keep the following tips in mind.

When you’re trusting your smile to someone, you want to make sure you’re working with the best cosmetic dentist in Raleigh. Cosmetic dentistry is effective and safe, as long as you’re working with an experienced, qualified dentist. A strong, comfortable, beautiful smile can boost self-esteem and improve your quality of life – just make sure you get that smile under the care of a quality, well-trained, experienced cosmetic dentist.

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