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When should I use Invisalign?

A lot of people have heard of Invisalign, but not everyone understands what it can do for them. For the most part the end result of straight teeth is what is the entirety of their knowledge of Invisalign. Now while the end result is straight teeth with a healthy bite, there are many problematic dental conditions that Invisalign solves which people are not well versed in. So we’ve decided to write a short blog about the different problems that Invisalign is great at solving. The rest of this article will be dedicated to discussing these.

Gapped Teeth

There are various reasons why gap teeth may occur such as abnormal continued growth of the jawbone or missing teeth. Regardless of why it happens, it can cause some serious issues and should be dealt with. Gaps can lead to gum issues and potentially lead to periodontal disease.


As the name states, a person has an overbite when their upper teeth bite over their lower teeth. Sometimes this is caused by bad oral habits, genetics, or maybe overdevelopment of the bone supporting the teeth. Gum irritation, wear on lower teeth, and jaw pain or joint issues can all be caused by an overbite.


Just as you would suspect, an underbite occurs when the lower teeth extend past the front teeth. Typically, it’s a result of underdevelopment of the upper jaw, overdevelopment of the lower jaw or potentially both. Missing upper teeth can also cause this issue. Use of the front teeth or molars can be effected and in some cases leads to tooth wear and joint or jaw pain can be an issue.

Open Bite

An open bite exist when some of the existing teeth are unable to make physical contact with opposite side teeth. This is caused either by genetics or excessive thumb sucking and an open bite can lead to poor chewing and possibly speech impairment.

Overly Crowded

This is caused when there simply isn't enough room on your jaw for all of your teeth to fit. If this is not properly treated, it will only get more problematic overtime and can cause severely crooked teeth. Additionally the crowding of the teeth can also make it easier for plaque accumulation which can lead to tooth decay and increased possibility of gum disease.


A crossbite is when the upper and lower jaws are misaligned causing one or more of the upper teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth. If left untreated, this can cause excessive wear on teeth, gum disease, and lead to bone loss. All of these issues have one thing in common. If they go on untreated, they will lead to serious dental issues down the road. These are all dental problems that Invisalign can easily solve. Not only will it straighten your teeth or improve your bite, but it will save you lots of pain and probably money by avoiding serious dental problems. If you have any of these issues, and would like to talk to someone, feel free to reach out to Dr. Valerie Preston, who is a Raleigh dentist and an Invisalign preferred provider. She runs her own practice VPreston Dental. Check out her website at