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Resolutions for Dental Health to Welcome 2016!

It's 2016 and we all want to celebrate it the best way we can. After all, it's the new year and we can't miss out on the fun with friends and family. Another way to celebrate this momentous occasion is by making resolutions. Yes, you can make a list of things you want to make or change for the better and it would be great if you include your dental health in it.

For many people, the holidays is the best time to excuse ourselves with guilty pleasures such as rich desserts or heavy Christmas dinners but why should you bother to care? Aside from the possibility of gaining weight, your teeth may also take a toll from your sweet indulgences. Your dental health says a lot of things about your overall systemic health. Taking care of it is your first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

With the interest of breaking up your bad dental habits, these are the 5 New Year's resolutions we propose you could make to improve your dental health. First, you need to know which dental care blunders you're guilty of. Do you...

  1. Brush your teeth only once a day?
  2. Forget to floss?
  3. Smoke Cigarettes?
  4. Drink too much coffee and soda?
  5. Forget dental appointments?

Then, it's time to make necessary changes that you'll eventually thank yourself for doing.

Learn to brush your teeth as often as needed.

Dental professionals advice to brush the teeth at least twice or thrice a day. By brushing well, it would mean using the correct kind of toothbrush bristles and toothpaste. Your mouth is already filled with thousands of bacteria and delaying toothbrushing would just multiply the bacteria exponentially. Plaque can build up in just a matter of hours, so brushing in the morning, noontime, and at night is just enough to freshen up and keep the bacteria at normal level.

Floss regularly

There are some things that a good tooth brushing session won't do efficiently such as removing tiny food particles that may have gotten stuck in between your teeth. Flossing is more than just being "extra sure" about cleaning your teeth. It helps you prevent tartar buildup which could be the start of tooth decay. Dental caries are calcified minerals from food particles in your teeth and cleaning them won't be easy once they build up. Better to prevent them from forming before they happen.

Stop smoking

Stop smoking altogether and we're pretty sure you know why. The effects of smoking cigarettes are no myth, though we sometimes act as if they were. Lung disease and teeth discoloration are for real and those are things that you don't want to experience in your lifetime. Cigarettes contain chemicals that may cause permanent discoloration of your teeth, and can be very difficult to remove.

Regulate soda drinking

We can't say that drinking soft drinks isn’t bad, because it certainly is. Soda is too acidic for your teeth's physical structure and the caffeine can also discolor your pearly whites. Furthermore, soda is nothing but sugar. Aside from diabetes, which we are all familiar with, too much sugar feeds the bacteria in your teeth causing them to multiply rapidly especially if you fail to brush your teeth.

Going to dental appointments religiously

Having your regular dental appointments is as necessary as brushing your teeth everyday. From time to time, you need an expert's help to make sure that your teeth are doing fine. It is imperative to go on regular dental visits so that you can get an overview of your current dental health. Don't rely on self-medication all the time. Your teeth and gums are sensitive parts of your mouth that you need to take extra care of.

Consider cosmetic dental procedures

Keeping your teeth healthy may not be enough to give you the best smile you can possibly have. Of course, it all starts with basic dental hygiene but consider that some cosmetic dental procedures can improve your dental health as well as other aspects of your daily life. For example, braces are more than just about making you look good; it improves teeth misalignment and malocclusion, thus allowing you to communicate, chew and smile more effectively.

Welcome the New Year with a great, new smile! The only way you can achieve this is to treat your teeth and gums as how they should be treated to keep them at their top form. If possible, consider orthodontic procedures to straighten up dental imperfections.  Talk to your dentist about it!