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Is Dental Contouring Right for Me?

Having a great smile is the best accessory that you can have. Now that there is dental contouring, there is even more reason to smile.

Dental contouring or teeth reshaping is a cosmetic dental procedures that corrects subtle problems of your teeth such as minor misalignment issues and crookedness. Although the procedure only focuses on small dental problems, these slight adjustments can still make a big difference in how your teeth would look. Tooth reshaping can solve problems like:

  • chipped tooth
  • excessively pointy cuspids
  • irregularly shaped teeth

How is tooth reshaping done?

Tooth reshaping isn't like other regular dental procedures which requires you to wear a dental appliance. Contouring involves a simpler process but dentists still need to be very precise since they cannot undo missteps along the way.

Step 1:

Dentists need to know what the inside of your mouth looks like  and what the desired outcome would look like. For this, the dentist needs to take dental X-Rays. The results would determine if your teeth is suitable for the procedure and if your teeth are completely healthy.

Step 2:

If your dentist sees that your dental structure is fit for the procedure, she will start to mark the area that needs contouring with a pen. This makes the work a lot easier to perform.

Step 3:

Your dentist will start to minimize the crookedness by rubbing a sanding instrument that will help even out the surface that needs contouring (this is most especially done to the teeth's edges.)

Just 3 simple steps, and you can get your pearly whites closer to perfection. Though the procedure is really simple, precision is critical while performing it. Once part of the teeth has been sculpted by the instrument, adjustments may not be possible.

What are the benefits of Dental Contouring?

Dental contouring is the more conservative choice to retouching your dental features and by far the safest. There are many ways on how you can benefit from teeth reshaping. Here are some examples:


The procedure is very simple and can be done instantly, it is not as expensive as most dental procedures.


Contouring only involves the external structure of your teeth and no dental appliance needs to be installed. Thus, adjustments may not be needed and almost zero discomforts can be felt.

Improves dental health

Although it is mainly a cosmetic dental procedure, teeth reshaping can improve your dental health since you get straighter teeth alignment. Plaque and tartar are less likely to form if you have an even teeth structure.

Brace-free straightening

In some instances, dental reshaping could be a brace-free straightening procedure depending on the type of imperfection. It eliminates minor teeth overlapping and gives them a straighter effect, without the hassles of wearing braces.

Is it right for me?

Teeth contouring is best for people who only need minor corrections in their dental area. It is ideal for people who have pointed teeth, a little crookedness, or a tooth that sticks out from the alignment.  However, those who have severe malocclusions, may need to seek a more detailed and specialized dental procedure.

If you are not sure whether dental reshaping is for you or not, talk to your dentist about it and find out if it is the best way to go. To know more about the procedure, call your dentist for an appointment now!