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Invisalign Essentials You Need to Know

Have you ever thought of getting your teeth aligned but don't want the social stigma that comes with it? Many people refuse to realign their teeth because they don’t want to be seen in braces. It’s a good thing that now, people may enjoy the benefits of teeth realignment without having to wear an unsightly dental appliance. Invisalign technology enables people to get a straight set of teeth with dental supporters that are invisible to the eyes! What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a cutting edge dental innovation that modern dentistry has to offer. It is an orthodontic device that uses invisible aligners so that patients may enjoy the benefits of teeth alignment without the discomfort and stigma of wired braces. Teeth assessment plays a huge role in creating an Invisalign aligner that fits perfectly. The process involves making a mold of the patient's mouth which is done with a 3D scanner. This digitized step will allow the dentist (or dental technician) to have an overview of the contours of the patient’s dental area and find out the best type of device to create. Invisalign is exclusively developed and distributed by Align Technology. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998, a year after it was introduced in the market. What makes Invisalign different? Aside from the clear plastic material that appears to be invisible, Invisalign technology offers a practical way of aligning your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, you can also enjoy these perks from the Invisalign technology.
  • Smooth and comfortable plastic aligners
  • Removable and easy to clean
  • You can eat whatever you want without feeling any discomfort
  • Better results for malocclusions for a shorter amount of time
  • You can still show off your pearly whites even while wearing them
  • No dental emergencies caused by poking wires or broken braces
  • Teeth moves week after week, giving you noticeable changes in alignment
Effect on Patients Since the appliance is a removable aligner, full involvement and patience of the wearer is needed. The results of the clear aligners will hit its optimum if the patient wears them at least 22 hours a day. Because the desired result has been set during the bite registration and 3D analysis of the dental formation, most results end up perfect. Teeth move gradually every week so the patient may need to replace their aligners every two weeks at the most. Now you can have those perfectly aligned teeth you've always wanted without the whole world having to know. Invisalign Dentists Not all dentists can be Invisalign providers. The manufacturers and distributors want patients to experience the best results of their product, so taking the provider course by Align Technology is necessary for dentists who wish to treat their patients with Invisalign. The dentist and their team will undergo training on how to properly execute the assessment for the creation of the device as well as learn how the 3D feature works. Invisalign can be an excellent alternative to conventional wired braces. But just like any other dental solution, it requires the full cooperation of the patient to get the best results. Every patient has unique needs when it comes to dental health requirements, so an accurate teeth assessment with a qualified dentist is a must.