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Fresher Breath for Valentine’s Day Surprise

It's the month of love and there are many ways to express one’s love to those who are most important. It’s possible you may share a kiss to let that special someone know how you feel about them. If that’s so, will the state of your dental health delight them or drive them away? Valentine's day only happens once a year and you don’t want a dental situation to ruin the chance of creating great memories.

Valentine's Day Oral Care

The prerequisite of creating a special moment with a kiss is having proper dental hygiene. In the rest of this blog post we’ll provide some tips for maintaining dental health so you never miss your moment.

How do you keep your mouth fresh 24/7?

Having fresh breath isn't just about gargling commercial mouthwash all day. There are habits that you should practice or not practice for lasting dental health. Here are some things that you should avoid to make dental care easier:

Cigarettes: It's a no-brainer. If you're a regular cigarette user, there's a good chance that your breath smells bad most of the time. Gradually remove cigarettes from your daily routine and achieve that fresh breath scent your loved ones deserve.

Soda and Cheese: These two may be the best things that your mouth could savor. The stinginess of soda and the flavor of cheese are so hard to forget, but you may want to control your consumption. Soda has a high acidity level and could ruin your teeth's structure and cheese and other dairy products can give you bad breath.

Unmonitored fasting: Sudden changes of food intake can alter the chemicals produced and burned during fasting. When this happens, a person may develop halitosis or bad breath. Having bad breath is a social menace and thus, should be avoided at all cost. Prolonged fasting can even develop Ketosis or a condition where the body is at very low carbohydrates and insulin. Such condition may affect the way your breath smells.

Not drinking enough water or liquids: Not drinking enough water or liquids leaves your mouth dry and creates bad breath. The number of bacteria in your mouth tend to increase and multiply faster whenever you have a dry mouth. Drinking enough water will wash them away and keep your saliva production at normal levels. Liquids can also cleanse your digestive organs that significantly gives odor to your mouth.

Neglecting Dental Hygiene Altogether: Having fresh breath shouldn't be a one-night practice. As a social human being, it is important to be prepared to interact with other people by keeping fresh breath. Do not neglect your daily dental routines because little steps everyday can go a long way and will have lasting effects. For example, if you don't brush your teeth well, you’ll have a good chance of developing tooth decay. When the teeth fall out, there’s no way of growing a natural teeth back. Think of the long term effects of having a poor dental hygiene.

What should you do?

Valentine's day is a one-time annual celebration, but you'll be with your loved ones almost every day of the year. Keep your mouth healthy and teeth strong and fresh breath will come after. Here are some tips to get you started: Reduce your intake of foods with high sugar content. Have a balanced diet. Change your toothbrush every two months. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Be mindful of your dental appointments to help you keep track of your dental condition.

Fresh breath and oral health are two things that can't be separated. It's a package deal you want to have any day. Take advantage of having fresh breath not just on Valentine's day, but for the whole year round! Ask for an appointment with your dentist and discuss how you can improve your oral health. If you’re in Raleigh, NC and need a dentist, come check us out at