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Common Dental Problems Part 2

Dental problems can be burdensome. These can be prevented by habitual brushing at least twice daily, regular flossing, eating a balanced diet and regular dental check-ups. Understanding these dental issues and their causes can help you prevent their possible onset. As a continuation from last months blog we’re covering some of the most common dental problems.

Tooth Erosion

Tooth erosion is very popular among bulimic individuals where their stomach acids attack the tooth enamel. As this happens, this results in the loss of the tooth structure. Symptoms of tooth erosion vary from gum hypersensitivity to more severe cases such as cracking of the teeth. In the long term, the teeth can be lost which also affects the gum line.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a dental condition that affects many people. Tooth pain or discomfort is experienced after eating sweets, drinking hot or cold drinks or ice cream. In some instances, people have discomfort while brushing or when flossing.

Toothaches and Dental Emergencies

Toothaches usually occur when you have an oral health problem. These can be caused by several factors such as cavities, hypersensitive teeth, gum disease, and other related periodontal diseases.

A split tooth caused by an accident is a good example of a dental emergency. It is difficult to prevent.  The best approach to minimize toothaches is to ensure good oral hygiene. If you have a dental emergency, visit your dentist as soon as possible especially if you have a broken or decaying tooth.  Delaying a dental emergency can lead to serious problems like tooth loss and discomfort to undertake daily activities.

Unattractive Smile

Generally, an unattractive smile is not considered a dental problem. But for those who feel they have unattractive smile this can be a burden that requires immediate attention.

An individual who seldom smiles may show low self-esteem. With the advent of technology, anyone can seek professional help and have a pleasant smile. You can have dental implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics, and other necessary dental work. The smile that you always dream of can be achieved.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can impair your oral health. It is caused by misaligned teeth and stress. Involuntary teeth grinding, also called as bruxism, is common in adults. If not treated early, this can damage the teeth. It can also make the teeth short or blunt and later on lead to jaw problems.

Misaligned teeth can be corrected by orthodontic or restorative dentistry. Dentists can also provide a plastic guard for patients to wear when sleeping to safeguard their teeth from too much grinding. Some facial therapy is also available for daily relaxation techniques. This can reduce overall stress and relax the jaw and facial muscles.   

Yellow Teeth

Having yellow teeth is caused by the foods and drinks that you consume. Frequent intake of red wine and coffee can contribute to this dental condition. But in some cases, people have teeth with a natural yellowish undertone. There are many over-the-counter prescriptions to choose from to whiten one's teeth. You can choose to have whitening strips, blended toothpaste, or laser whitening procedure. For more options, consult your dentist.

If you're in Raleigh and have any of these dental issues mentioned above, come by VPreston Dental and let Dr. Valerie Preston set you back on the right path.