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cosmetic dentistry in raleigh nc

Another Look at Cosmetic Dentistry

Typically when you going to the dentist, one is thinking about getting a cleaning, going through a routine check up and taking care of issues that may lead to tooth loss. Cosmetic dentistry is often looked at as a luxury
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When should I use Invisalign?

A lot of people have heard of Invisalign, but not everyone understands what it can do for them. For the most part the end result of straight teeth is what is the entirety of their knowledge of Invisalign. Now
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Is Dental Contouring Right for Me?

Having a great smile is the best accessory that you can have. Now that there is dental contouring, there is even more reason to smile.

Dental contouring or teeth reshaping is a cosmetic dental procedures that corrects subtle problems of

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Types of Dental Braces and How They Can Change Your Life

Braces seem to be most famous for being portrayed by media as worn by the “geeky” ones. For some reason, dental braces were regarded negatively, at least for a time, and are now just regaining their footing. Dental braces are

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What Causes Teeth to Yellow?

Teeth are naturally an off-white in color. Contrary to what's shown in toothpaste commercials, regular, healthy teeth aren't super white. They are protected by a thin film called the tooth enamel which prevents bacteria from penetrating their inner portions. Your…
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Types of Dentures to Complete Your Smile

Dentures are one of the top inventions from modern dentistry yet. They are easy to manage, flexible and there are many types of dentures that you can choose from. Whether you lost your teeth through tooth decay or an injury,…
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Invisalign Essentials You Need to Know

Have you ever thought of getting your teeth aligned but don't want the social stigma that comes with it? Many people refuse to realign their teeth because they don’t want to be seen in braces. It’s a good thing that…
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