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Another Look at Cosmetic Dentistry

Having a perfect smile contributes to one’s pleasing personality. If you have any problems on your dental appearance, involving your teeth, mouth or gums, seeking the help of cosmetic dentistry can offer solutions to your oral issues. A cosmetic dentist is responsible in improving the teeth’s shape, position, size, alignment, color, including the attainment of an aesthetic smile among patients. This type of dentist has the expertise in doing oral repairs and undertaking various procedures and techniques to remedy discolored, misaligned, missing and even cracked teeth.    Generally, cosmetic dentistry is aimed at reshaping and restoring damaged teeth, closing spaces, and ensuring the patient’s teeth are properly aligned. Common oral treatments include contouring, teeth whitening, creating crowns, bonding, veneers, and bridgework.      

Restoring a Perfect Smile

Aesthetic dental procedures are employed to remedy simple oral flaws, tooth discoloration, uneven spacing and missing teeth. They assist in enhancing your teeth appearance, restore their function or improve your overall dental health. Below are some of the basic cosmetic dentistry options.

Bleaching. Teeth discoloration is an oral problem where the enamel can be stained by medications, smoking, and drinking coffee or tea. Sometimes, this can be hereditary which becomes visible as one gets older. To remedy this, bleaching or teeth whitening is required. This simple procedure, which usually lasts for an hour,   helps to eliminate the stain or achieve a whiter shade.

Bonding. For misaligned teeth with varying sizes or shapes or those having dental flaws such as chips, cracks or discoloration, the bonding treatment can be used. It is performed by applying a composite resin material to hide problematic parts of your teeth. The bonding solution can fill in the gaps in your small cavities and restore the damaged teeth. Your dentist can make the bonding material have a similar color with your surrounding teeth. The composite resin also enhances the strength and appearance of your cracked teeth.

Crowns. This is also called caps. Crowns are created for the teeth that have been heavily damaged. They help in restoring the teeth to their natural-looking appearance and shape. Crowns have the longest shelf-life compared to all aesthetic restorations, but performing the procedure is time-consuming.

Veneers. These are used to replace the damaged part and strengthen the tooth enamel. Veneers are solid, thin materials that cover the different oral imperfections.

Bridgework.  If you have missing teeth, you can have bridgework by filling in the gap with dentures by attaching these to the natural teeth on the sides with available space.

Dental implant. It is a procedure that replaces a tooth after losing one caused by gum disease, accident or injury. It uses titanium, placed with a crown, to create a natural-looking tooth.

Contouring and reshaping. This method helps to correct misaligned, cracked or overlapping teeth. Reshaping and contouring are commonly used to align the shape, length or position of the teeth. For those with bite issues, contouring the teeth may be employed. The bonding procedure can be combined with tooth reshaping.

Dentist Profile

Before undergoing any cosmetic dental procedure, you have to ensure that you are dealing with a skilled dentist in this field. Ask for sample patient photos with before and after treatments to check whether your dentist’s previous procedures have good results. This will help you identify if your chosen dentist can provide your dental needs.

Seek references from your colleagues and friends in searching for the best dentist to approach who can provide affordable and optimum care. Look for any evidence of your dentist’s involvement in continuing education. An expert dentist who takes up further studies is updated with the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry.

If your dentist can respond to your queries about all the possible techniques to enhance the appearance of your smile, then he can help you decide what procedure fits your budget and your desired result.

One important thing to check is to see if the dentist is a part of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. If the dentist is a part of the AACD, you can be sure they've been properly trained and will do a professional job. Dr. Valerie Preston of VPreston Dental in Raleigh, NC is a sustaining member of the AACD and has a track record of creating healthy smiles for people over 20 years. If you're in the Raleigh area, and need cosmetic dental care give us a call or come by our office.

If you are not in the Raleigh area, be sure your cosmetic dentist is a part of a reputable association like the AACD.